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"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Second Amendment, United States Bill of Rights — 1791

Gun Safety in Beaumont, TX

Firearm Safety Training in Beaumont, TX 

Practice proper form and handling when you enroll with us for firearm safety training in Beaumont, TX. Texas Lloyd, LLC offers firearm safety programs for students throughout the area. When you turn to us for training, you will learn a number of different topics to ensure proper gun safety. Our experienced teachers are happy to educate you on a series of topics. Register with us today to take part in one of our trainings.

Register for Gun Safety Today

It is important for every gun owner to remember that a firearm is a dangerous weapon that can have deadly effects when it is not held, stored, or used properly. By practicing proper firearm safety, you will reduce the risk of a tragedy occurring while the gun is in your possession.

Our team offers a hands-on firearms training course for individuals throughout the area. Whether you have never owned a gun, or you are still not 100% confident handling your weapon, we are here to assist you. For your convenience, we are also happy to provide an online license to carry class for Texas residents. No matter which of our classes you select, you will receive the proper training for your firearm.

Preparing for Our Classes

Be ready for your training course. If you plan to attend one of our firearm safety classes, we advise you to come protected with the proper gear. We recommend wearing eye and ear protection, a hat, a non-collared shirt, and closed toe shoes, as a hot shell casing on your head or down your shirt can be painful. Classes and services currently available include:

  • License to Carry Class: $79
  • Gun Range Proficiency Only: $20
  • Private Class (One-on-One): $199
  • Online and Range Safety Class: $69
  • School Safety Certification Class: Coming Soon

About Our Classes

Each of our gun safety and LTC courses is conducted in a professional teaching environment with qualified license to carry instructors near our headquarters in Beaumont. Attendees can expect assistance with all required forms, fingerprinting instructions, and notary services if needed. We also cover all testing materials and set up the necessary range proficiency testing on a day and time that works for you. Specific topics include:

  • Firearms Safety & Proper Handling
  • Laws Applying to Carrying Handguns & Holstering
  • Range Safety
  • Laws Regarding the Use of Force & Deadly Force
  • Alternatives to Deadly Force
  • State Approved Signs
License to Carry Courses in Beaumont, TX

Contact us in Beaumont, Texas, to register for our upcoming firearm safety training classes. We offer course options throughout the state.